Nicci and Tom’s Unforgettable Rustic Wedding Day

June 1, 2019

They say it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. What if it hails… twice? I think that is God looking down and telling you this is truly meant to be!  

Nicci and Tom had found a best friend in one another after going through some tough times. After a couple of years, it became apparent that the love they had for one another was destined for more than friendship. It didn’t take long for Nicci, a friend of mine from graduate school, to contact me as they had begun planning for their dream wedding on June 1st!

The venue, The Eight Leafed Clover in Risingsun, Ohio, offered a beautiful garden next to a blue pond for the ceremony and a rustic barn perfect for a reception. The bridal suite offered a comfortable place for the bride and her gals to get pretty and a place for her dad to see Nicci in her wedding gown for a First Look. Yard games were set up, as well as an outdoor dance floor for guests to enjoy at the celebration.  

There were threats of rain earlier in the day, but the skies remained clear for outdoor portraits with their attendants before the wedding. Tents were set up over the guests’ white folding chairs in the grass. Friends and family began arriving. Clouds were seen in the distance, but everyone held on to hope that any storms were going to miss us by a few miles. However, at precisely 4:30 in the afternoon – at the exact moment that the ceremony was to begin – the skies let loose to a downpour of rain! The attendants took their places quickly as Nicci and her dad walked out to greet Tom at the altar.  

The rain continued for the duration … even with a couple of periods of hail! Thankfully, there was a covered stage adorned with tulle and florals on which the bridal party could stand and be sheltered during the ceremony.  Pastor Travis Montgomery delivered a personal message to the couple in the homily. As the pastor acknowledged, Nicci and Tom are not striving for perfection. They are striving for a Godly life of love and faith and acceptance of one another – including one another’s children. In a touching continuation of wedding vows, Tom offered a ring to his new stepdaughter, Kennedy, a symbol of his promise to love and care for her as part of his family.  Then Tom’s son, Axel shared a hug with his new sister. 

Nicci and Tom’s wedding day did not go exactly as they had envisioned it.  The outdoor dance floor was moved inside. The yard games weren’t used as they had hoped. However, at the end of the day, a “perfect” wedding day is not what was most important to them. Creating a happy life full of love within their marriage and their family is all that matters.  

Many congratulations, Nicci and Tom! Wishing you nothing but happiness!

Venue – Eight Leafed Clover
Photography – Amy Simkus Photography
Officiant – Pastor Travis Montgomery
Hair – Jodi Ward
Makeup – Laura Tornow
Dress – 2b Bridal
Florals – Southern Blooms
Music – Denise and Michael Grupp-Verbon, Viewpoint Productions, LLC
Dessert – Rustic Cheesecake

Selecting Amy Simkus as our photographer was honestly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! She is very easy to work and communicate with. While taking pictures, she is a such a hype woman!!


- abigail