Amy Simkus Photography Senior Rep Program – New for 2022!

February 11, 2022

What is the ASP Senior Rep Program?

The Amy Simkus Photography Senior Rep Program is for high school students who are excited to have unique and creative senior photos. We are seeking enthusiastic, kind-hearted, outgoing, and active individuals who are comfortable sharing about their FANTASTIC photography experience with ASP!  This is a great fit for those who are heavily involved in their school, have a large social media base, and love taking photos.  Also, this can be an excellent opportunity to receive your dream senior photography experience at NO COST!  Wait … WHAT???  Here’s how it works:

Each senior rep is expected to pay the full value of their portrait session.  But, each time that a rep refers another student who books their senior session with Amy Simkus Photography, 10% of the total cost is earned back in commission!  That means that if you refer 10 friends who book with ASP, your full senior session fee is FREE!

What incentives are there for you?

  • FREE and FUN themed mini bonus sessions with other ASP senior reps – resulting in a BOATLOAD of additional images for your final senior photo gallery!
  • Earned commission on your senior portrait session for up to 10 completed booking referrals
  • Priority booking for your individual senior session
  • Exclusive ASP swag
  • Access to private ASP rep social media pages for exclusive news, tips, and scheduling opportunities
  • New friendships through the network of ASP senior reps

How are Senior Reps selected?

Prospective ASP Senior Reps are asked to complete an online application.  Don’t be shy … we want you to share freely about yourself – all about your personality and involvement in and out of your school.  We want to hear about WHY you love ASP photos and why you would make a great ASP senior rep!  High school juniors must apply between February 15 and March 10.  There is no cost to apply for the rep program.  Reps will be chosen considering many factors with representation from a diverse number of surrounding schools.  

What are the expectations?

All senior reps must sign an agreement highlighting the terms of the senior rep program, model release, and pay the related session fee in full.  Payment plans are available.  Reps are asked to participate in at least one themed bonus session.  Dates and locations to be determined based upon availability of majority of ASP senior reps.  ASP will assist with styling and location recommendations for your paid portrait session.  As is recommended for all ASP seniors, professional hair and makeup are strongly encouraged for your portrait sessions.  

Reps are expected to actively share your images and promote Amy Simkus Photography on a variety of social media platforms and invite others to like and follow ASP’s business pages.  ASP will help provide guidance on how to complete these tasks and will provide promotional materials to share with other students.  You must agree to post your senior images photos and tag Amy Simkus Photography with each post.  And please … NEVER – seriously NEVER – apply a filter or alter the provided edited digital images, as the photographer’s work must be represented with authenticity and accuracy. 

Also, this part is important:  This is a mutually beneficial agreement.  You get AMAZING photos, and we grow our business.  If you are selected as an ASP Senior Rep, you will be asked to sign an agreement to not promote or post images from another photography company until after you graduate without obtaining consent from Amy Simkus Photography.  Keep in mind that ASP reps are a direct representation of Amy Simkus Photography and are expected to present themselves in an appropriate manner.  Any behavior that is observed to be inappropriate, unethical, or in ill-taste could result in termination of the agreement.  

I’d like to apply! What’s next?

Applications can be requested via the Amy Simkus Photography contact page during the application period of February 15 through April 1. Applicants are encouraged to be thorough with your responses. The more engaging, the better! Let that personality shine! Please note that a parent/guardian’s consent is required to book for anyone under the age of 18.

Although we would love to have all applicants be a part of the ASP Senior Rep Program, the opportunity will be limited to a maximum of 10 reps.

Have questions?

Choosing a senior photography can be incredibly exciting, yet a bit overwhelming! Please contact us for more information about the Amy Simkus Photography Senior Rep Program. Ask about options for your senior portrait experience and to be put on the inquiry list to schedule beginning in April 2022.

We can’t wait to work with the Class of 2023!

Want to see our portfolio?

Visit to see more senior portraits by Amy Simkus Photography!

Selecting Amy Simkus as our photographer was honestly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! She is very easy to work and communicate with. While taking pictures, she is a such a hype woman!!


- abigail