How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Guidance from a Northwest Ohio Photographer

March 1, 2024

You’re ENGAGED! Let the planning begin! In addition to choosing your date and a venue, choosing a photographer to document the day may be the most important decision in your wedding planning process. This post guides you exactly how to choose a wedding photographer so that you can remember your special day fondly for years to come!

The Search

You’ve planned for this day for months … years … maybe since you were a child!

What you may not realize is that after ALL the planning that goes into preparing for your special day, the day will go by in a flash! Those very important moments will happen in a blink of an eye. At the end of the day, your wedding photos may be all that you have left to truly tell the story of the start of your marriage. For that reason, choosing your wedding photographer may be one of the most important decisions you make.

A wedding party walk joyfully on the grounds of Gideon Owen Wine Company in Catawba Island, Ohio.

So, how do you know how to choose a wedding photographer?

In this day in age, it is pretty easy to gather information about availability of wedding photographers who serve your area. From Facebook and Instagram to Google searches and websites, we have grown accustomed to easy access to a plethora of information and images.

But how do you know how to make a decision?? Here are some things to keep in mind to know how to choose a wedding photographer that is the best fit for you:

Artistic Style

One of the first things you will notice when comparing work from photographers is their artistic style. From light and airy to dark and moody, each photographer’s work may reflect a different type of look – or edit – in their images.

While each photographer’s art is representative of their own stylistic preferences, couples are encouraged to consider whether that style is something you are sure to love generations down the road. Amy Simkus Photography strives to provide resulting images in a sophisticated, romantic style with true to life colors and a classic film aesthetic.

A bride and groom stand for a portrait in front of the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Toledo, Ohio. A bride in her wedding gown holds her bouquet with sage colored greenery and white florals.

Additionally, photographers may lean on different approaches to a wedding day:

  • Documentary style – focusing on capturing the day as it unfolds organically. You may also have heard of this as capturing “candids” without the photographer interacting to set up the shots.
Bridesmaids excitedly look on at bride who reveals her dress for the first time.

Alternatively, here is another approach:

  • Editorial – The photographer takes time and offers intentional guidance to set up artistic images. The resulting images are intended to be natural, yet magazine worthy. 😍
Bridal portraits on film in Northwest Ohio

Amy Simkus Photography provides a healthy mix of both styles … purposefully capturing all the natural moments with your loved ones throughout the day AND providing portraits which are worthy of displaying in a beautiful way in your wedding album or in wall art at home.

Regardless of the style to which you are most drawn, it is important to find a photographer whose work is CONSISTENT. If you find that their portfolio is all over the place regarding their editing style, it may be hard for that photographer to produce consistent work to expect in your wedding images.

Editorial wedding photos in Northwest Ohio


Like in most industries, years of experience brings value. In addition to learning the technical side of using the advanced features on a camera, there are important things to know about lighting – especially in the absence of natural light – to create beautiful images. It is important for your photographers to be prepared for all types of scenarios, including being prepared with backup equipment in case of an unexpected failure.

You only get ONE DAY for your wedding. ONE. There are no do-overs. Skilled and experienced vendors will be accustomed to the flow of a wedding day – especially when on a tight timeline.

There is a photographer for everyone. But, one assumes a certain amount of risk by placing trust in a vendor with little experience.

Smoky Mountains Destination Wedding in Gatlinburg, Tennessee


It is essential for couples to have a budget for their wedding. For many couples who are planning for the first time, some research is required to learn about realistic costs for weddings.

Costs for photography may vary based upon location, experience, and demand. It may be difficult to compare photographer to photographer based upon a “starting price” as many options vary from vendor to vendor. For example, Amy Simkus Photography offers value through the hybrid use of both film and digital photography, as well as drone photography for a truly unique perspective on your overall wedding vision.

It is important to prioritize your wedding budget with an emphasis on the vendors which are most important to you. If working with your dream photographer takes up a good portion of your budget, you can plan accordingly in other areas.

Photographers may offer customized packages that may meet your budget … including custom coverage hours and payment plans to spread out the expenses during your planning process. Be sure to inquire about any added expenses for travel considerations.

Consider any extended coverage or additional events you may wish to be photographed … including your rehearsal dinner or welcome party, a bridal session, or a boudoir shoot.

A set of three diamond wedding rings are pictured atop a white and gold wedding invitation.  A bride is pictured putting on her tulle white wedding gloves while standing in her wedding gown.


Equally as important as the resulting images is the comfort level you have with your overall experience! You spend a great deal of time with your wedding photographer in potentially very intimate and special moments on your wedding day. It is important for photographers to maintain a positive, reassuring attitude while offering gentle guidance to make you feel flattered.

Vendors often work very closely with one another … and if they enjoy working together, it makes the whole day run seamlessly! Your other vendors may have recommendations about photographers with whom they have had positive experiences.

With Amy Simkus Photography, you can expect our entire team to bring a warm presence throughout your planning process and on your wedding day! We want you to feel comfortable with goals of producing natural, genuine portraits that truly capture who you are. With a complimentary gift of an engagement session prior to your wedding, we have a chance to get to know one another in a more relaxed environment before your wedding day … a time for us to become great friends! ☺️

The photographer, Amy Simkus, is wearing a black dress and black high heels while seated on a modern white sofa holding a medium format film camera.

Product Offerings

Most photographers offer some sort of digital gallery of images from your wedding for you to view and download your wedding photos. You have options to back up those digital images on a number of different media sources.

But, the goal of investing in wedding photography is to document your special day in a beautiful way with images you are proud to display and look back on! Some photographers may offer a variety of product options including custom wedding albums and prints.

Amy Simkus Photography takes this a step further and offers custom wall art which becomes part of your intentional home decor … including beautiful frames that match the aesthestic of your home. ASP uses archival quality prints and materials only available to professional photographers and are intended to last for years to come. You’ve invested in these beautiful photos, and you will want to put them into print for you and your guests to appreciate!

A photo on the left shows custom linen-covered wedding albums placed on an accent table. A photo on the right is a close up of a large custom gold ornate frame with a photo print surrounded by a white mat.

There is a lot to consider with how to choose a wedding photographer. Hopefully this guide offers some insight to make the decision making process a little easier!

A bride and groom walk hand in hand with their backs turned down a narrow, empty street surrounded by a canopy of green leafy trees.  The bride looks back toward the camera with a soft smile.

Amy Simkus Photography is a Northwest Ohio wedding photographer who travels anywhere in the world to document sophisticated, modern weddings. Interested in working with Amy? Please Contact Us to learn more!

Selecting Amy Simkus as our photographer was honestly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! She is very easy to work and communicate with. While taking pictures, she is a such a hype woman!!


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