Wedding at Catawba Island Club in Port Clinton, Ohio

June 3, 2023

Abbey and Brady’s wedding at Catawba Island Club in Port Clinton, Ohio was inspired by the beauty of the Lake Erie shore. They have always enjoyed visiting the area with their families, and it was a very fitting place for them to join their lives in marriage.

Abbey and Brady had attended high school together, but they did not know each other well at the time. A few years later, the two reconnected on a dating app while both living in Columbus. Their first date was at The Wine Bistro … the place where he would later propose. 💍

The dynamic duo of Abbey and Brady could not be more well suited for one another. They genuinely love spending every moment they can together … whether it is spending time with their families and dogs, visiting the lake, or working out. They must reaalllly love one another since they both successfully work from home and share one vehicle! ☺️

Abbey and Brady’s wedding at Catawba Island Club in Port Clinton, Ohio was a celebration full of love and laughter, and the setting could not be more beautiful! The couple set the tone with their watercolor invitation suite, inspired by the gorgeous landscape of their venue, the Catawba Island Club. Organic and earthy tones could be seen in their decor choices and overlooking the cliffs along the water.

The couple really enjoys surprising one another. Before Abbey walked down the aisle, she played a sweet recorded special message from herself to Brady and her dad – leading to quite a few happy tears being shed. Additionally, Abbey and Brady surprised each other with their gift of wedding rings never before seen by the other until they were exchanged at the altar.

Their lives just seem to naturally fit together. As the bride said in her vows:

“Falling for you wasn’t like falling at all. It was effortless. Natural. Easy. Like walking in a house and knowing that you’re home.”

– Abbey D.

They complete one another as if they were always meant to be. In fact, the bride only had to change her last name by one letter! 🙂 Best wishes to an absolutely beautiful, loving, and kind couple. Hale the Dales!

Amy Simkus Photography

Catawba Island Club

GardenView Flowers

Fordham Footage

Forevermore Bridal

Whimsically Warm

Spencer’s Sugar Shop

Breaking Ground

Kennedy Blue

Hair by Brookelyn Steele

Makeup by Kayla Peiffer

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Selecting Amy Simkus as our photographer was honestly one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! She is very easy to work and communicate with. While taking pictures, she is a such a hype woman!!


- abigail